I'm Dave Miglin


Born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio, Dave moved to Des Moines from Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 after accepting the position of Vice President - Interactive Services with West Des Moines-based marketing agency, Strategic America.


Dave has been working in the marketing and advertising field for over 30-years. During that time, he has helped lead traditional and digital marketing programs for hundreds of national and local brands, including Comcast, North American Van Lines, Lennox, Mail Boxes Etc. (now UPS Stores), St. Luke's Hospital (Boise), StorageMart, Orkin, Pella Windows, Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, Stericycle, SunTrust Banks, Aureon, Iowa Sleep, Wolfe Eye Clinic, and many more. 


Dave is a music-lover through and through, particularly classic rock (1970s, 80s, and 90s era). In addition to spending time with his family, Dave loves to explore new places across America and across Iowa. He is currently on a quest to see EVERY incorporated city in Iowa (that's 960 cities based on 2016 Iowa Secretary of State data). With over 750 cities under his belt thus far, Dave anticipates completing his goal by the end of 2021. 


Because Public Health Impacts Everyone

 I moved to Des Moines in 2013 for my work, and I have loved every minute of it. One of the key reasons why I feel so strongly about our city is the accessibility it offers. I recall telling my friends from other cities that Des Moines has everything - great restaurants, theater, outdoor recreation, concerts, sports, and more. In short, Des Moines offers everything any major city in America can offer, without the traffic and expense.

However, when I became active in local politics and volunteer work, that’s when the word “access” took on new meaning, especially as it related to health care. As I travel across the state of Iowa, I have seen the challenges that communities face when health care services are limited or absent entirely.

Now, as the entire planet is in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, people of every political persuasion, economic background, and nationality are becoming shockingly awakened to the importance of a strong and prepared public health system. 

Polk County, Iowa is fortunate to have an incredible, publicly-funded, county hospital called Broadlawns Medical Center. I am running for a seat on the Board of Trustees to ensure Broadlawns will always be accessible to our entire community.

The Board of Trustees plays a fiduciary role within Broadlawns, acting as the taxpayers’ voice and representative. As such, Board members are expected to oversee the financial health of the organization and to ensure leadership is accountable to the mission of the hospital. In short, the Board’s job is to keep Broadlawns on a solid financial footing in order to provide needed services to the community it was created to serve.

Broadlawns’ mission is to build a healthy community through the delivery of accessible, cost-effective, and high-quality patient care.

Under the direction of current CEO Jody Jenner, Broadlawns is strong and doing a fabulous job helping Iowans in need. But there is still much work to be done.


What I would like to focus on as a member of the Broadlawns Board.


Mental health has long been talked about as a national crisis - and I agree. Mental health/illness is a driving factor in homelessness, crime, suicides, child development, and strong, stable families. While over $34 million of Broadlawns’ budget was spent on mental health-oriented treatment or services, we need to determine if A) it was effective and B) is there more we should be doing? Mobile treatment facilities and partnerships with schools and universities are two ideas on the table that I believe merit discussion and action!

The COVID-19 crisis is magnifying the truth that most hospitals across the nation are under-equipped for a major infection outbreak. While Broadlawns does have an infectious disease clinic to help our community in normal times, we must learn from this terrible experience and invest more in life-saving equipment and dedicated facility expansion. 

Broadlawns has come a long way and the last thing that we should be doing is taking Broadlawns back to the days when they had just over three days of funding. In order to ensure Broadlawns can face tomorrow’s challenges (while properly serving Polk County residents today), we need to ensure that Broadlawns remains adequately funded. I subscribe to the position that you must be ready for “rainy days” not hope they don’t happen, then scramble to find the funding.

Finally, my professional marketing experience can be utilized to not only increase awareness of Broadlawns brand but more specifically the types of services available through Broadlawns. Taxpayers often don’t mind paying taxes if they know where the money is going and whom it is benefitting. Iowans are especially generous, which is why raising awareness of the good that is happening inside Broadlawns is vital.


I would appreciate your support.

IOWA NICE is an often-repeated term, and I think Broadlawns Medical Center is a wonderful example of Iowa Nice. It means caring about your neighbors, being available to help people during times of need, and safety without strings (meaning, you don’t owe me anything for doing the right thing). These are not just Iowa values, they are values shared by people and cultures across the world.


Affordable and accessible health care is important to me and nearly everyone I know. If we want Polk County, Iowa to be celebrated as a top place to live in the United States, we need to ensure Broadlawns is protected and expanded.

I’m Dave Miglin, resident of Des Moines, and I’m running for a seat on the Broadlawns County Hospital Board of Trustees. I would sincerely appreciate your vote in the November general election. 

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